Side effect of Dowry and Lavish Wedding

Most people dream of a lavish wedding but the reality in India is that expensive wedding celebrations and heavy dowry demands end up making brides' lives miserable and ruining their families. The very concept of marriage has been turned into a transaction, with no value placed on the people or the relationship. But this can change, and it is up to girls and their families to say NO to dowry, to insist on simple ceremonies and restore the sanctity of the wedding bond. ""Do you think marriages have become a business transaction in our country today?""


Watch entire episode and see how it could be dangerous. It is becoming the monster when "GREED"  getting larger than your life. Please raise your voice again Lavish marriages and raise your voice against dowry. We are getting used to it. We must come out from this kind of mindset.



We must think if our newly extended family is going to gone down than what is the meaning of creating a extended family.